To conduct meetings and provide speakers for the purpose of aiding in the creation and expression of enlightened public opinion on the important economic and social questions of the day … but without endorsement of any particular cause.

Since 1943, when Whirlpool co-founder Louis Upton started The Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan, our members have been enlightened by hundreds of renowned leaders in the fields of politics, science, health, education, the arts, entertainment … and yes, economics. No other organization in our region boasts the caliber of speakers ours does without ever endorsing a particular cause. Our meetings are held at the Mendel Center, Lake Michigan College, Benton Harbor, Michigan.


Michael K. Cook
Heritage Homes, Inc.
Benton Harbor

Vice President
Glenn Poole (retired)
Plante & Moran, CPAs
St. Joseph

Perry Ballard
Perry Ballard Incorporated
St. Joseph

Sharon Vargo (retired)
Plante & Moran, CPAs
St. Joseph

Board of Directors

Robert B. Baldwin

Barbara Globensky
St. Joseph

Maurice S. Hahn

William B. Haidler

G. Bruce Laing

Michael A. Todman
St. Joseph

Stephen E. Upton
St. Joseph

Past Presidents

Louis Upton 1943-1953

John Paul Taylor 1953-1983